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-Zoila Fernandez on Feb 02. 2014

"You are an amazing instructor!"
-Juanita Collins on July 01, 2013

"Really enjoyed this class! Meg is a very good instructor and the dance routine was great, really enjoyed this class! Meg is a very good instructor and the dance routine was great!"
-Hylain on August 28,2013

"Great! ”

— Carrie Miller on May 22, 2013.

“ Great ”
— Diana Auclair on Sep 1, 2012.

“ Great teacher and a great workout! ”
— L. Siegel on Jan 23, 2012.

“ Friendly and welcoming and encouraging ”
— Kathy Vander Gast on Sep 11, 2011.

“ Great location, nice dance floor, good music, Meg does a wonderful job leading the classes and her smile is infectious! I am definitely returning for more Zumba with Meg!! ”
— Eileen Townsend on Sep 24, 2012.

“ It is in a very convienant location,not to far from my house and very safe area. ”

— Whitney Hannah on Feb 6, 2012.

“ Had a good time. Need more practice and coordination, but I will go back. ”

— Joan Ramsey on Sep 30, 2012.

​I love Zumba and Meg is a great Instructor!!
-AG  October 8, 2012

I felt real comfortable and got a real understanding of the moves
​​-eleanor sykes on October 28 2012

-Your Zumba class are so much fun Meg! Never even feel an hour go by it's so much fun :) 

Paulette, January 2013

-I know the classes are great!
-Arkeba October 28 2012

-If you haven't been to Meg's Zumba class you really need to go! She is so much fun and an inspiration to follow! Great music, great time! Speaking of time...where does that 
hour go??
Eileen Townsend, January 2013