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Welcome to Zumba® & Barre Fabulous Fitness. My name is Meg Berg and I am a licensed fitness Instructor. I love teaching dance inspired fitness classes. Get Fit and Have Fun with a cardio burning and a toning workout that strengthens and shapes your body. You will love my easy to follow dance moves that are designed for all fitness levels. 

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Zumba Fitness® is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program. Ditch the workout and join the party! Barre Fit® is a ballet inspired workout that focuses on toning and balance. The small precise movements will challenge muscles for an all over toning workout.

Class Schedule & Locations
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Class Schedules, Locations and Events:

Barre Pop Up Party!
Sunday Jan 10th from 4 to 5pm!
Ladies Fitness and Wellness
6516 Falls of Neuse Road

$10 for the PARTY! Cash or Checks
 For directions go to

Barre Fit®  Pop Up Party!

Sunday Jan 10th from 4 to 5pm!

Join us for an  hour of toning, balance and strength training.  The small precise movements set to inspiring music will challenge your muscles. 

Call to schedule a Barre Party !

Please email megsberg1227@gmail.com or 
call 919-847-8566 with your questions.